Gold Pendants and Necklaces

It is easy to see why people fall in love with Clogau's unique range of gold pendants and necklaces. Each of our 18ct and 9ct gold pendants has a special meaning and a special story that has inspired its design. Whether that inspiration comes from the natural beauty of Wales, our connection with Royalty, or a Welsh love theme, the effect is always the same - a beautifully stunning pendant or necklace that is unique, distinctive and unmistakeably Clogau.

Daffodil pendant

Highly recommended

Daffodil pendant
The perfect piece of jewellery to show off your Welsh heritage and your love of Wales, particularly on St. David's Day (March 1st), a day when Welsh people worldwide mark the national day of Wales.

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Honey Bee Pendant
Lady Snowdon Opal Pendant *SALE*
£700  £490
Daffodil Pendant
Cariad Pendant
Eternal Love Pendant
Lovespoons Pendant
Croes Naid Pendant *SALE*
£440  £308
Daffodil Pendant *SALE*
£500  £350
Tree of Life Diamond Pendant
Daisy Pendant *SALE*
£480  £336
Enchanted Forest Pendant
Tree of Life Eden Pendant *SALE*
£650  £455
Tree of Life Pearl Pendant
Tree of Life Heart Pendant
Tree of Life Pearl Pendant *SALE*
£510  £357
Clogau Celebration Sparkle Pendant *SALE*
£550  £385
Tree of Life Pendant
Welsh Poppy Diamond and Ruby Pendant
Jewel Bloom Pendant
Rose Windsor Pearl Pendant *SALE*
£560  £392
Wildflower Celandine Pendant *SALE*
£500  £350
Fairy Pendant *SALE*
£390  £273
Tree of Life Circle Pendant
Clogau 1854 Tree of Life Diamond Pendant
Great Vine Amethyst Pendant *SALE*
£1500  £1050
Tree of Life Circle Pendant *SALE*
£440  £308
Debutante Tourmaline Pendant *SALE*
£750  £525
Ivy Leaf Pendant *SALE*
£470  £329
Clogau 1854 Welsh Royalty Pendant *SALE*
£1850  £1295
Lyra Necklace *SALE*
£760  £532
Clogau 1854 Tree of Life Pendant
Yellow Windsor Pearl Pendant *SALE*
£560  £392
Bohemia Pendant *SALE*
£520  £364
Tree of Life Tahitian Pearl Pendant
Past Present Future Pendant