Diamond Earrings

Buying a pair of diamond earrings is as much to do with emotion as it is with finance. Many people buy diamond earrings to look and feel their best on special occasions. At Clogau, we have a beautiful selection of unique earrings to choose from; all of them handcrafted using the highest quality materials, including rare Welsh gold.

Am Byth earrings

Highly recommended

Am Byth earrings
Capturing one of Clogau's most notable designs, the Am Byth earrings provide the wearer with a statement piece of jewellery that is perfect for those special ocassions.

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Eternal Love Earrings
Cariad Earrings
Eternal Love Earrings
Lady Snowdon Stud Earrings *SALE*
£159  £79.50
Eternal Love Earrings
Eternal Love Earrings
Lovespoons Earrings
Cariad Earrings
Tree of Life Diamond Earrings
Tree of Life Tanzanite Earrings *SALE*
£750  £375
Clogau 1854 Tree of Life Diamond Stud Earrings
Lyra Earrings *SALE*
£670  £335
Royal Crown Earrings *SALE*
£2300  £1150
Eternity Diamond Drop Earrings *SALE*
£219  £109.50
Royal Crown Diamond Drop Earrings *SALE*
£2860  £1430
18ct gold Crown Princess Emerald Earrings *SALE*
£2500  £1250
18ct gold Crown Princess Ruby Earrings *SALE*
£2400  £1200
18ct gold Tree of Life Diamond Earrings *SALE*
£4950  £2475
Tudor Rose Pink Opal Drop Earrings *SALE*
£1870  £935
Am Byth Tapered Diamond Earrings *SALE*
£219  £109.50
Royal Roses Earrings *SALE*
£1600  £800
Past Present Future Earrings